Sheng'en electromechanical equipment Linyi city sheng'en electromechanical Co., Ltd is located in the "China logistics" in Shandong Linyi, since the establishment of the company has always attached great importance to product quality and quality management system, products at reasonable prices, reliable quality and enjoys a high reputation in the market, the company is a set of mechanical equipment sales, installation and maintenance integrated services company.
The new import material test, rigorous and meticulous, to ensure that every diaphragm pump to the hands of the customers have no defects.
Strong pressure
Through the precise calculation and optimization of the internal structure, every rotation of the motor can be fully utilized.
Lower current
The motor is right in the pump body, no excess contact, the battery discharge time is longer, greatly reducing the rework rate of the battery.
Beautiful appearance
Make every effort to make every detail, not only to guarantee the quality but also to improve the image of the product.